A human cell atlas of fetal chromatin accessibility

Silvia Domcke*, Andrew J. Hill*, Riza M. Daza*, Junyue Cao, Diana R. O'Day, Hannah A. Pliner, Kimberly A. Aldinger, Dmitry Pokholok, Fan Zhang, Jennifer H. Milbank, Michael A. Zager, Ian A. Glass, Frank J. Steemers, Dan Doherty, Cole Trapnell**, Darren A. Cusanovich**, Jay Shendure**
Science (2020)


In recent years, the single-cell genomics field has made incredible progress toward disentangling the cellular heterogeneity of human tissues. However, the overwhelming majority of effort has been focused on single-cell gene expression rather than the chromatin landscape that shapes and is shaped by gene expression. Toward advancing our understanding of the regulatory programs that underlie human cell types, we set out to generate single-cell atlases of both chromatin accessibility (this study) and gene expression (Cao et al., this issue) from a broad range of human fetal tissues.

* co-first authors

** corresponding authors