Jonathan Packer

Graduate Student

I am a Genome sciences graduate student jointly advised by Cole and Bob Waterston. I received a B.S. in Operations Research from Columbia University and concurrently worked as a software engineer at a tech startup in NYC. I enjoyed quantitative modeling but wanted to find applications beyond finance and ad-tech. This drove me to switch fields to biology. Before arriving at UW, I spent two summers interning at the Regeneron Genetics Center, developing methods to integrate phenotypic information derived from electronic medical records with a large-scale exome sequencing project. At UW, I am investigating methods for inferring which transcription factors mediate cell state changes observed in a given single cell sequencing experiment. I am applying these methods to data from both mammalian cell cultures and the model organism C. elegans.


Chromatin accessibility dynamics of myogenesis at single cell resolution

Comprehensive single cell transcriptional profiling of a multicellular organism by combinatorial indexing

Single-cell mRNA quantification and differential analysis with Census