Raghav Chawla

Postdoctoral Fellow
Google Scholar

An MD-PhD graduate and board-certified pediatrician from Switzerland, I am a member of the pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship program in Seattle.

I am interested in how cell fate is regulated, both in normal physiology as well as in different disease states. I previously worked in the fields of telomere biology (Claus Azzalin, ETH Z├╝rich) and hematopoietic stem cells (Andreas Trumpp, EPF Lausanne, now at DKFZ Heidelberg). My current research focuses on the application of single-cell genomics and computational biology to a variety of cellular transitions (with a particular focus on B-cell development), aiming at reconstructing trajectories of single cells and identifying key regulators of cellular fate decisions.

I spend most of my free time exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my lovely family.


Reversed graph embedding resolves complex single-cell trajectories