TransMPRA - A framework for assaying the role of many trans-acting factors at many enhancers

Diego Calderon, Andria Ellis, Riza M Daza, Beth Martin, Jacob M Tome, Wei Chen, Florence M Chardon, Anh Leith, Choli Lee, Cole Trapnell, Jay Shendure
BioRxiv (2020)


Gene regulation occurs through trans-acting factors (e.g. transcription factors) acting on cis-regulatory elements (e.g. enhancers). Massively parallel reporter assays (MPRAs) functionally survey large numbers of cis-regulatory elements for regulatory potential, but do not identify the trans-acting factors that mediate any observed effects. Here we describe transMPRA — a reporter assay that efficiently combines multiplex CRISPR-mediated perturbation and MPRAs to identify trans-acting factors that modulate the regulatory activity of specific enhancers.

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