Amy Tresenrider

Postdoctoral Fellow

I’m a postdoctoral fellow in the Trapnell lab. I attended graduate school at UC Berkeley, where I studied gene regulation during budding yeast meiosis with Elçin Ünal. We discovered a subset of genes with poorly translated 5’-extended mRNA transcripts which we called Long Undecoded Transcript Isoforms (LUTIs). These LUTIs can repress expression of the canonical transcript and ultimately lead to decreased protein levels as observed for the kinetochore protein Ndc80 during meiotic prophase, despite a high level of transcription over the locus. I received my B.A. in Biology-Chemistry from Claremont McKenna College where I worked with Emily Wiley studying histone deacetylases in the ciliate T. thermophila. I also spent a year working with Stephen Leppla at the NIH where I engineered anthrax toxin fusion proteins to help kill cancer cells.