Maddy Duran

Graduate Student

I’m a Genome Sciences graduate student in the Trapnell Lab. I received a B.S. in Computer Science and Molecular Biology from MIT. In undergrad, I worked in the Keating Lab, where I developed computational tools for studying the binding mechanisms of peptides to protein surfaces. I was also a student in the Uhler Group, where I worked on statistical methods for identifying gene modules. Before graduate school, I was an associate computational biologist at the Broad Institute, where I helped build an informatics pipeline for a pan-cancer liquid biopsy assay. I am currently interested in computational and statistical methods for understanding gene regulatory networks.


Embryo-scale reverse genetics at single-cell resolution

Proteostasis governs differential temperature sensitivity across embryonic cell types

Single-cell analyses reveal early thymic progenitors and pre-B cells in zebrafish

Embryo-scale, single-cell spatial transcriptomics