Sam Regalado

Graduate Student

I’m a Genome Sciences and MSTP graduate student co-advised by Jay Shendure and Cole Trapnell. I received a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. Prior to attending graduate school, I was an HHMI fellow and then a staff research associate at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and UC Berkeley, where I used CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to investigate mechanisms of aging and tumorigenesis in murine and human pluripotent stem cell models. My interests lie at the intersection of gene regulation, stem cell differentiation, and single cell genomics. In my current research, I’m applying functional genomic approaches to stem-cell derived models to investigate how cell fates emerge in early development.


Multiplex single-cell chemical genomics reveals the kinase dependence of the response to targeted therapy

Multiplex profiling of developmental enhancers with quantitative, single-cell expression reporters

A single-cell atlas of in vivo mammalian chromatin accessibility